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I’m Marcela Matchmaker and Coach, and I am passionate about connecting people and connecting with people. I love coaching and encouraging others to become the best version of themselves. As a Matchmaker, I love connecting my clients to find love and have the best matchmaking experience ever. My career path started in the corporate sector with many years of banking and treasury consulting experience. As I transitioned a few years ago and became a certified coach, I realized that I’ve been connecting people romantically for years, so why not do it professionally! I am passionate about getting to know my clients and ensure they have an amazing experience. Having been married for close to15 years, I understand what it takes to nurture a relationship that has the potential for longevity. My goal is to develop a strong personal connection with every person that I work with and match them with the person of their dreams.

As a matchmaker in Southern California, I actively work with my clients across the country to provide them with high-quality matches based on their preferences, location, and goals. I also actively look for professional singles to join our extensive database who are looking for love and and are intentional about relationships. Being a matchmaker is the perfect transition from the corporate space and a great complement to my coaching abilities.


To be the best matchmaker for my clients, I pride myself on my skills and the continuous development of those skills that includes providing a welcoming environment that is grounded in active listening, empathy and using my intuition and non-judgmental lens when analyzing diverse backgrounds. On a personal level, I love living a natural lifestyle. My hubby and I are active at our local church, and enjoy the outdoors including hikes, the beach, spin and stand-up paddle boarding.  

I believe there is someone for everyone...

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